uh huh her (laurgasm) wrote in madmfan,
uh huh her

Newbie here

Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Lauren, I'm 20 years old from the Philippines, and I have an insane crush on Melissa Auf der Mar. To put it more crassly, I want to give her my lesbian virginity. :D

I've been listening to Hole since my early teens but it was only a couple of days ago that I noticed that there was a more gorgeous chick than Courtney Love in the band. So I did a little research on Melissa, saw her music videos on youtube, downloaded songs from the Auf der Maur album, and instantly fell in love. My favorite video is definitely Followed the Waves--watching her pound away at the bass is like...rawr. I must have seen it twenty times already and each time I watch it, I turn into goo.

Unfortunately I live halfway across the world and won't be going to Canada or the US anytime in the near future. I doubt that I'll ever get to see her in person. :(

So there. Hi all. lol sorry if I come across sounding like a creepy pervert. I'm really not.
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